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  2. Iran says official was denied U.S. visa for U.N. meet | Reuters
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And its focus is on educating the public about Islamic history and culture and Muslim contributions to world civilization, not just America's. Did you know there are two towns in the United States called Mohammad? Even the pointed arches that once stood at the base of the fallen World Trade Center towers in New York City mimicked Islamic geometric tradition. Some point to the rhetoric of President Donald Trump as a more recent reason for the dearth of interest in Islam in America.

Muslims aren't. Mexican-American communities aren't. Black people," said Rashid.

Best dating sites for young people

There is also evidence that Muslims were on the ships that the Italian explorer, navigator and colonist Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in the 15th century. There are even reports of Chinese Muslims making it to American shores, in California, in the 9th century. They arrived as pirates or fleeing religious persecution. About 50 million people are religiously unaffiliated.

But by , Pew Research Center estimates, there will be at least 8 million Muslims living in the U.

Iran says official was denied U.S. visa for U.N. meet | Reuters

American Muslim groups raised thousands of dollars for the Pittsburgh synagogue victims and also offered Jews help with protection and other services they might need. Earth Optimism Summit. Ingenuity Ingenuity Awards.

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Muslim Dating Sites

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    A man and child travel with a donkey loaded with date fronds in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia. Photo by Joseph D.

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      Speed-Dating, Muslim Style

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