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Location quotients allow us to explore the occupational make-up of a metropolitan area by comparing the composition of jobs in an area relative to the national average. See table 1. For example, a location quotient of 2. In the Santa Maria area, above-average concentrations of employment were found in many of the occupations within the food preparation and serving related group.

For instance, dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers were employed at 1. First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers had a location quotient of 1. Each set of OES estimates is calculated from six panels of survey data collected over three years. Because the May estimates are based on a combination of survey data collected using the SOC and survey data collected using the SOC, these estimates use a hybrid of the two classification systems that contains some combinations of occupations that are not found in either the or SOC.

These combinations may include occupations from more than one SOC minor group or broad occupation.

Battles (Washington) Elementary - School Directory Details (CA Dept of Education)

For more information on the occupational classification system used in the May OES estimates, please see www. For more information on the area definitions used in the May estimates, please see www. The Occupational Employment Statistics OES survey is a semiannual survey measuring occupational employment and wage rates for wage and salary workers in nonfarm establishments in the United States. The OES data available from BLS include cross-industry occupational employment and wage estimates for the nation; over areas, including states and the District of Columbia, metropolitan statistical areas MSAs , nonmetropolitan areas, and territories; national industry-specific estimates at the NAICS sector, 3-digit, most 4-digit, and selected 5- and 6-digit industry levels, and national estimates by ownership across all industries and for schools and hospitals.

OES data are available at www. BLS funds the survey and provides the procedures and technical support, while the State Workforce Agencies collect most of the data.

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OES estimates are constructed from a sample of about 1. Get Directions. Location Type.

Moon Phases for Santa Maria, California, USA in 2020

Ticket Type. Contact Information. Main: Hours of Operation. Bus Station:. Monday - Sunday. Santa Maria Transit Center. Grover Beach Amtrak Station. Grover Beach, CA Special Instructions. Buy Tickets Longbranch Avenue.

Tickets: Monday - Friday. San Luis Obispo Amtrak. San Luis Obispo, CA Certification must be obtained from an authorized representative of one of the following agencies:.

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For insurance violations, individuals may provide proof of correction of their insurance by submitting copies of their policy or insurance card to the Court. The Court will grant one day extension of time to provide proof of correction, as long as the request for the extension is made by the due date on the courtesy notice.

Western Information Office

Once a violator has paid full bail on a correctable violation, the Court will not refund bail if a violator subsequently submits proof of correction. Individuals electing to attend traffic violator school for other violations on a citation that includes a correctable violation must sign up for traffic violator school and pay the full bail or set up a payment plan. If no proof of correction has been provided, the total amount due will be the full bail on the courtesy notice.

Below are the options available to individuals cited for correctable violations. For each of these options, proof of correction may be presented to the Court in person or by mail. When a mechanical violation is eligible for correction, the courtesy notice will indicate two bail amounts; the higher amount is to be paid if the violator does not correct the underlying mechanical problem and the lower amount is the amount owed if the violator corrects the problem and submits that proof to the Court by the due date.

These violations will then be dismissed by the Court. If the individual has not corrected , or cannot correct, the mechanical problem, the full bail is payable by the due date. Then the Court will dismiss the violation. If the vehicle was not registered at the time of the citation , the registration must be paid at the DMV and the DMV can sign the citation. If the individual did not have a driver's license , or the license was expired, the license must be obtained from the DMV and the DMV can sign the citation.

Please note: Individuals who cannot obtain driver's licenses must pay the full amount of the bail on the courtesy notice. Proof of insurance must include the effective date, expiration date, policy number, make and description of the vehicle insured. Please note that insurance violations cannot be signed off by police officers. If the vehicle was not insured at the time of the citation and the violator has not obtained insurance by the due date , the violator must pay the full bail amount.

Individuals who receive courtesy notices marked "Mandatory Appearance" are directed by the Court to appear on a date specified on the courtesy notice. Enhanced Court Collections ECC is a collection agency and is responsible for collecting delinquent court fines and fees. Once cases have been referred to ECC, violators lose the opportunity to work with the Court directly to resolve their outstanding cases, attend traffic violator school, perform community service work, or request any other relief from the Court.

ECC will contact individuals to pursue collection efforts. Individuals will receive correspondence from ECC regarding their outstanding balances. ECC will also explain the collection methods that it may use to enforce court orders if fines or bail are not paid in full. Individuals may pay delinquent fines or bail in full directly to ECC. They may also make these payments at the Traffic Clerk's Office. Payments may be made by cash, check, cashier's check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard. Please be advised that ECC cannot change the terms of any court order.

ECC staff will work with individuals to establish payment plans, if necessary, to satisfy the court obligation. ECC uses a variety of collection tools to collect delinquent bail and fines.

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FTB exercises its authority to garnish wages, seize funds in bank accounts and attach personal property to collect outstanding debt. These collection methods are very successful. ECC may also refer collection cases to another private collection agency for additional assistance. An individual who disregards the citation or courtesy notice and fails to pay the bail or appear in court by the due date is subject to immediate penalties by the Court, as follows:.

Receipt of a notice from the DMV regarding a hold or suspension of driver's license or registration due to a violation of Vehicle Code section indicates that the Court has reported the violator's failure to appear in court to DMV. Once these violations have been reported to DMV, individuals must pay the increased amount of bail, which will include the civil assessment and other penalties. If you show the Court good cause for your failure to appear within 14 days of the date shown on the notice the court may not impose the civil assessment.

Customer Automated Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or over the Internet to pay or make an inquiry. For more information, please see below. The Court will grant a day extension of time to pay, as long as the request for the extension was received before the due date. This locked box is emptied daily. The public is encouraged to use our Express Service for the following kinds of transactions. To ask the Court to consider your ability to pay due to a financial hardship and decide whether to approve a reduced fine with a payment plan or community service, you may request a judicial determination without the deposit of bail.

The Court will send a courtesy notice to the address on the citation once the citation has been filed with the Court, typically within one month from the date of the citation. The courtesy notice will provide more information regarding your specific options to resolve the citation. If you do not receive a courtesy notice by the date written at the bottom of your citation, you are still responsible to take action on or before the date listed on the citation.

Please wait two to three weeks from the time you are cited before calling the Court to allow time for the citation to be processed. The date at the bottom of your ticket is the "promise to appear" date. Only a small number of citations require individuals to appear in court.

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Your monthly payment amounts is based on your total bail amount. For more information on how to make payments, please click here. For more information on community service work, please click here. Individuals who wish to contest their citations may schedule a court trial at the Traffic Clerk's Office without the deposit of bail. Court trials are scheduled throughout the week at various times. For more information on court trials, please click here. Individuals may request a trial by written declaration by appearing in person at the Traffic Clerk's Office or by writing to the Court to request this type of a trial.

For more information on trials by written declaration, please click here.

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For information on how to show proof and possibly qualify for a reduction in your bail, please click here. If you were the driver, and you signed the citation, you are responsible for taking care of the citation. The Court accepts certificates of completion from classroom and online traffic violator schools accredited by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You will also be required to pay the fee at the traffic violator school you select.

You must submit satisfactory proof of completion to the Court by your due date. If you do so, your citation will not be reported on your driving record. If you sign up for traffic violator school and fail to submit the certificate of completion to the Court by the due date, the Court will notify DMV of your conviction and this conviction will be added to your driving record. Yes, you must pay full bail to attend traffic violator school.